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Neuer Look für Erika Vivai Mancinelli

Neuer Look für Erika Vivai Mancinelli
Founded in 1960, Erika Vivai Mancinelli has been dedicated to retailing since 1992. In May the new structure was inaugurated, which brings together and replaces the previous structures.
Inside the garden center a sort of iron "greenhouse in the greenhouse" was created, completely repainted and finished with furniture and wooden details, in which the exhibition of orchids is highlighted, a strength of Erika Vivai. A Garden Center branded Identity Orlandelli stage that can be set in a different way to highlight other specialties over the seasons.
The display stands are made of aluminum and wood while the industrial concrete floor hides the heating system.
The furnishings are in white wood and the walls and shelves are fully modular to allow a quick change of scenery.
All the exhibition concepts, the packaging / crate counters, the shelves and the communicative graphics were designed and produced by Organizzazione Orlandelli....